Did You Know? 4 Lesser-Known Benefits of Taking CBD Oil

May 28, 2019

Did You Know? 4 Lesser-Known Benefits of Taking CBD Oil

CBD oil has broken new ground as a treatment for anxiety. People all over the country can now rely on CBD oil to take away the ever-present stress of their anxiety.  

However, CBD oil is useful for a lot more than just treating anxiety. Taking CBD oil can produce a wide range of positive effects on users. 

So if you suffer from any of the conditions listed here, it's worth your while to try out CBD. You'll see an improvement in your condition, and you won't have to rely on traditional medicine as much. 

So read this guide carefully and find out how CBD oil can help you.

1. Taking CBD Oil Is Great For Insomnia

Many people have noticed that smoking certain strains of weed has allowed them to sleep better at night. 

Now, we know the reason for this is CBD. Strains of marijuana high in CBD have are now known to be responsible for the calming effect, as well as helping people get to sleep better. 

The problem with smoking marijuana, however, is that it can lead to worse sleep as time goes by. Users who smoke a lot of marijuana with high THC potency report not being able to sleep as well. 

This is due to the constant exposure to THC making it more difficult for your brain to get more sleep. 

However, once CBD has been separated from the THC, it works as an effective sleep aid. It may also be easier for some people to sleep without having to deal with the psychoactive euphoria that comes with marijuana highs. 

2. CBD Oil Is Can Help Fight Acne

Anyone who has ever suffered from acne knows that the key to helping fight off breakouts is to avoid having oily skin. 

A new study found that CBD helps prevent glands in the skin from producing as much oil, or sebum, as they once did. It also found that it reduced the number of sebum producing glands found on the skin. 

CBD also has anti-inflammatory effects, which is also known to combat acne. 

This is especially good news for any teenagers or young adults suffering from acne. CBD offers an all natural remedy to acne that doesn't dry out the skin or cause other problems. 

3. CBD Helps Treat With Hallucinosis and Paranoia

Usually, smoking or otherwise ingesting marijuana makes Hallucinosis and Paranoia and other psychosis much worse. 

However, there's evidence to suggest that CBD can have antipsychotic effects on people suffering from Hallucinosis and Paranoia. 

This is because CBD is not as strong as other cannabinoids, and its presence in the brain can help reestablish the balance of chemicals. 

Hallucinosis and Paranoia is also marked by inflammation, which CBD actively fights against. 

CBD also helps to prevent the breakdown of anandamide, which is a key ingredient for fighting off psychosis. It's also important to note that CBD can't get you high. 

As an endocannabinoid, it's much too weak to trigger the same effects that THC does. There are many myths surrounding CBD, and it's important to separate facts from fiction when it comes to CBD. 

It should also be noted that although CBD can help treat Hallucinosis and Paranoia, it hasn't been developed enough to completely replace therapy for Hallucinosis and Paranoia. 

4. CBD Can Help You Quit Smoking

With the rise of vaping and public health outcries, people are falling out of love with cigarette smoking. 

And now, CBD could help more people quit smoking. In a study of 24 people who wanted to quit smoking, those who had taken CBD were able to keep their cravings down and caused them to smoke less. 

The group that was given a placebo continued to smoke as much as they did before. 

Paired with vaping without nicotine, this could make quitting smoking a lot easier for millions of people all over the world. 

The calming effects of CBD also help fight the irritability and mood changes that come from nicotine withdrawal. If you vaporize the nicotine, it's also less harsh on your teeth than cigarettes are. 

Quitting smoking is a long, hard journey, but CBD oil can make it a lot easier. 

CBD Oil Is A Gift

CBD isn't amazing just because it can treat depression, insomnia, and chronic pain so well, but because it's completely natural. 

CBD oil is a plant extract and isn't made from a bunch of different chemicals in a lab somewhere. As such, it doesn't come with the awful side effects that conventional drugs do. 

These days, taking prescription medication can have side effects that are worse than what was being treated. 

But taking CBD oil won't make you feel awful, and it's not addictive, so if you ever wanted to stop, you could do so with ease. 

To find out more about CBD oil, check out our CBD FAQ.

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