Oil it Up: 6 Effective Ways to Take CBD Oil

May 10, 2019

Oil it Up: 6 Effective Ways to Take CBD Oil

CBD oil has been so revolutionary as a remedy for chronic ailments that almost half the people on CBD don't need traditional medication anymore.

This is because of CBD's natural qualities that work to cure people of all kinds of ailments like depression and anxiety. So the only question that remains is what are the best ways to take CBD oil?

There are many ways to get CBD oil into your system, and they all vary in how long the effect takes to activate, and how long the effect of CBD lasts. This can be useful depending on what situation you want to use CBD oil in. 

SO read this guide carefully to know what your options are when it comes to taking CBD. 

1. Slow Release Transdermal Patches

Taking in CBD oil from a patch can be great since it is designed to get the CBD directly into your bloodstream right away. 

Transdermal patches are great for people going on long trips and aren't likely to have any other options at their destination. Transdermal patches can take hours before the effects are felt. 

However, once the effects start kicking in, it can last for days assuming the patch is not removed. This is best for people who have chronic pain, and don't want to use other methods constantly throughout the day to achieve the same effect.  

2. You Can Just Swallow It 

If you're not up for doing anything fancy and you aren't in a huge rush to treat any of your symptoms, you can just swallow raw CBD oil. 

The drawback to this is that you will have to wait on your digestive system to do its job of absorbing the CBD. This can take a few hours, and you'll have to take more than you might be prepared to take. 

This is because ingesting raw CBD makes the bioavailability of CBD go down. Any substance that passes through your stomach, intestine, and liver will be filtered several times before it reaches your bloodstream. 

3. CBD Edibles

If you have culinary inclinations and value discretion above all else, you can also try your hand at making CBD edibles. 

Just like swallowing raw CBD, making edibles will take the same amount of time to before your body feels any effects and the duration will be roughly the same. 

However, you'll also need to be mindful how you prepare the food. Excess heat can cause CBD to break down, so you'll need to make sure you don't expose the CBD oil to temperatures above 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

By cooking the CBD, you do have the opportunity to control exactly how intense the effects are. If you feel that you need more CBD than most people, then you'll need to apply it liberally to whatever dish you're cooking. 

4. Sublingual Tinctures 

Knowing how to use CBD oil by taking it sublingually is a great way to use your body's natural processes to speed up the effect. 

Underneath your tongue, there are veins and mucous membranes that absorb nutrients into your body without having to pass through the stomach, liver, or intestines. 

To use the sublingual method, just drop some CBD oil under your tongue and hold it there for a minute or two. 

You can expect the CBD to take effect in 5-20 minutes, and expect it to last 2-4 hours. If you value discretion and need to get rid of your anxiety relatively fast, this is the method for you. 

5. Apply It Topically 

One of the most well known CBD oil benefits is its ability to relieve aches and pains. Applying CBD lotion to an area where you have a lot of pain will relieve the pain within minutes. 

However, the point of your skin is to keep things from entering your bloodstream. So be aware that if you use CBD this way, you will receive any of its other effects. 

Transdermal patches are designed in a way that allows them to get past your sin and into your bloodstream. 

Although quick pain relief is perfect for anyone suffering from joint pain, soreness or arthritis, you also need to remember that CBD lotion is just lotion. 

If there is an underlying cause for your pain, then CBD will only relieve the pain. 

6. Vaping is One Of The Best Ways To Take CBD Oil 

If the speed at which you feel the effects of CBD is the only thing you care about, then vaping is the way to go. 

Inhaling CBD oil vapor gets the CBD onto your lungs and into your bloodstream almost immediately.

Your body also intakes a lot of the CBD since it doesn't need to pass through your gut, and gets into your bloodstream faster than any other method. 

CBD oil vape juice also comes in a variety of great flavors such as strawberry milkshake to really satisfy your sugar tooth. 

Or you can get it without any flavor additives if you prefer. 

CBD Is Here To Help 

In the short time since it's been available to people, all of these ways to take CBD oil have proven to be much more effective at treating depression, insomnia, and anxiety than pharmaceuticals.

And because it isn't made of dozens of different chemicals, it doesn't have dozens of different effects on your body. It's also not addictive at all, so if you ever want to stop, you can do so right away. 

To learn more about CBD and how it can help you, check out our blog for even more info about CBD.  

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