Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil For Animals

May 14, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil For Animals

The legislation of cannabis has done wonders for people.

Many are getting access to natural treatments that provide benefits pharmaceuticals cannot give them.

And now, pets are getting access to those benefits too.

As the legislation of cannabis is spreading quickly throughout the state, more people want to hear about the benefits of CBD and CBD oil in particular.

There also a heightened focus on CBD oil for animals.

CBD comprises one of the main compounds found in cannabis – cannabinoids.

The market for cannabis due to new legislation is growing rapidly. And CBD is taking up a big proportion of that market.

CBD has a whole host of benefits for both people and animals, the latter of which still has some way to go before effects are conclusive.

It does have some noticeable benefits, however. If you’d like to find out more about how CBD oil for animals is beneficial, read on.

What Is CBD Oil?

The biology of cannabis makes it a unique plant with some incredible qualities. The CBD compound, short for cannabidiol, The CBD compound, short for cannabidiol, resides within these miraculous plants.

The health benefits of CBD are fantastic. Despite the variety of uses, there is some missing information about CBD and what it constitutes. The fact of the matter is that a lot of the benefits found in cannabis are from CBD.

However, science is still trying to find the answer. The development of cannabis research means that there is progress being made in this area.

Notably, CBD has helped children suffering from seizures and epilepsy. This has allowed them to find a solution where regular medication is unsuitable.

One of the main differences between CBD and THC – the main compound in cannabis – is that CBD is non-psychoactive and can be used on pets without any problems.

CBD also lacks any kind of toxicity, meaning it is unable to cause overdose on people or pets. The majority of CBD used for animal pet supplements typically comes from hemp. Hemp is a type of cannabis that has very low concentrations of THC.

CBD Oil For Animals – What Are The Benefits?

Cannabis has more than 100 active compounds. However, the ones used the most, especially for medical purposes, is CBD. As mentioned before, CBD does not induce any kind of high.

It does elicit a calming effect and find its use in the purposes of therapy. Of course, these effects also apply to animals treated with CBD.

While some vets aren’t sold on the idea, there is an increasing number of holistic veterinarians that are treating various elements with CBD. These include anxiety and inflammation among other symptoms.

It is also important to remember that CBD oil is more effectively used for increasing comfort in pets.

As extensive research into CBD oil that animals has not been carried out, it cannot be said that CBD is a conclusive treatment in itself. However, they can be used to give animals a better quality of life.

CBD Benefits For Dogs

There are a host of benefits to giving your dog CBD oil. Here are some of the most important. 


It has been suggested that the Endocannabinoid System has a large part in managing pain.

Fast forward to today, and we can see that CBD is often used for its painkilling properties. Most of these have shown that CBD gives access to chemicals that dampen pain signals in the mind. It also has properties as an anti-inflammatory agent.


CBD has a remarkable ability to nullify seizures, spasms, and tics. This makes it an effective anticonvulsant.


The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it very handy in tending to a large number of conditions in dogs. These properties come from CBD, which interacts with receptors in immune cells.

CB2 receptors can be activated via the application of CBD, leading to a variety of immune responses. One such response is combating inflammation.

Conditions such as IBS, arthritis and many more are onset by severe inflammation.

Lowers Anxiety And Stress

Among CBD’s amazing physical, they can also be good for mental symptoms.

CBD can be used to tackle many mental afflictions, one of the primary ones being anxiety. Pets are also privy to anxiety, which can be apparent in excitable or jumpy behavior.

What the cause of anxiety in dogs is is unknown, but in the end, these afflictions can correlate to physical symptoms too. Specifically, travel anxiety and separation anxiety are two of the most common types of pets experience.

CBD Benefits For Cats

There are a host of benefits to treating your cat with CBD oil. These include the following. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease is a condition seen often in cats. Application of CBD may go some way to helping curtail inflammation and symptoms of IBD.

Cats suffering from IBD can vomit, lose weight, or have diarrhea. CBD can be used to lessen these symptoms. Aside from causing the above symptoms, cats suffering from IBD may also have to deal with pancreatitis.

CBD can be used to lower inflammation and the resulting symptoms.


The natural painkilling properties of CBD can be used to help cats with arthritis. This is especially beneficial, given that there are not very many pharmaceutical options suitable for cats.

Cats are also more difficult to treat given that they tend to hide away and are not as willing to travel as dogs. CBD allows treatment without interfering with their natural rhythm.


Inflammatory symptoms can also cause asthma within cats. Depending on the cat, they may need very little medical interventions – or they might need quite a lot of treatment.

How CBD Can Benefit Your Pets

As you can see, CBD has a whole host of uses that make it beneficial for any pet owner to administer to their pets. There are, in fact, many more benefits of CBD for animals that a quick search will show.

An important stipulation when discussing CBD oil for animals is that as of now, it is an unregulated medication that cannot substitute medically approved treatments.

Without scientific data and dosage amounts, CBD is best used as a supplement to improve quality-of-life and reduce pain. 

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