New York Coffee Shops experience a Drip of CBD-Infusion

June 28, 2019

New York Coffee Shops experience a Drip of CBD-Infusion

In celebration of Weed Day, a coffee shop in Houston gets the attention of CBD enthusiasts as it sells foods and drinks with Cannabidiol.

The Smoking Pot, a new coffee shop in Houston's Spring Branch neighborhood is the new sensation in town with its CBD-infused foods and drinks. Located at 8510 Long Point Road, The Smoking Pot accommodated a steady stream of eager customers who were interested not just on coffee but also other CBD products from topical ointments, CBD oils to CBD-infused iced popsies.

Store employee, Angela Walling shared that the store is a full house from the moment they opened their doors as CBD enthusiasts fell in line to grab their favorites. Some of them claimed to have experienced pain relief, reduction of anxiety, and improved sleeping habits after taking CBD products.

Blake McCray and his wife were one of those who waited in line at The Smoking Pot. They also have their own share of stories of the good things of CBD.

"I thought it was going to be long. I didn’t think it was going to be quite this long,” McCray said.

Some customers like 'Miss Pudgy' and her friends waited in line with a feeling of adventure and want to satiate their curiosity about CBD products.

“Me and my friend, we love coffee. So, why not come try something new?" she said.

Houston residents have shown great support for CBD dispensaries and shops selling CBD products. As reported The Smoking Pot has just set the beginning, and there are more CBD coffee shops to open in Houston soon.

Currently, CBD American Shaman store in Fort Bend County also draws in attention with its ultra-concentrated terpene-rich hemp oil guaranteed to be derived from high quality industrial hemp. It has been in Fort Bend County in September last year.

Sacred Leaf Zero, located at 2575 Eldridge Road has also been operating since March 29. The shop offers 100 percent pure, organic, violence-free, gluten-free hemp. Its extraction process also guarantees no insecticides were involved.

'The Hemp Lab' is also an all-in-one shop that offers a variety of CBD products from oils, coffee, bath bombs and chocolate bars among others. They may also have the right CBD product for your pets.

Meanwhile, Austin celebrated Weed Day by showcasing related events and products. Shops selling CBD oils and balms for pain relief have grabbed the hearts of people who want to feel better without getting high. There are also CBD-infused foods and drinks by some local cafes and cafes that feature the herbaceous flavor of CBD into their specialties. Here's some of them.

Blenders and Bowls in multiple locations in Austin is the place to be when you need healthy smoothies and acai bowls. Its Restart CBD green smoothie bowl infused with CBD oil is one of the most sought-after product in this shop.

Cosmic Coffee and Craft Beer got famous with its cold-brew drinks in can with CBD thought to give you that cosmic relief. It is here not just for the 4/20 event, it promised to release another batch of strong and creamy liquids to satiate your palette.

Other CBD shops in Austin include Cuvee Coffee, Flamingo Hemp, Prohibition Creamery and Wild Chix & Waffles.

Meanwhile, Carl's Jr made history on Saturday as it released the first-ever CBD-infused cheeseburger in the Us. The Rocky Mountain High Cheeseburger Delight was introduced on Saturday, April 20 in Colorado's capitol city of Denver. It is served with the restaurant's very own, customized 'Santa Fe sauce' infused with cannabidiol. The whole set meal is priced at $4.20

According to sources, the restaurant 'had a full parking  lot [and] people waiting in the drive-thru" from its opening time at 6:20 AM.

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