The Best CBD Dog Treats for Your Pups

March 20, 2019

The Best CBD Dog Treats for Your Pups

A health kick for dogs? The millennial obsession with health and wellness has petered down to man's best friend. CBD dog treats are insanely popular. 

Before you start dosing your pet with the compound, you should understand exactly what it is. 

Here's what you need to know.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound sourced from cannabis plants. These compounds are called cannabinoids. The public is going crazy for CBD because it's associated with a ton of health benefits.

You can't get high from CBD. 

Most of the excitement around CBD is centered on its potential uses for humans. But it can also help dogs.

CBD Dog Treats 

Research indicates that CBD can help your dog in many ways. Be careful, however. Animals are very sensitive to THC, another cannabinoid. THC is responsible for the intoxicating effects people associate with cannabis.

A CBD-only supplement is perfect. It's used to treat dogs with a variety of problems including: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Hyperactivity
  • Stress
  • Pain 

If your dog has health problems, speak to your vet before changing their routine. 

There are many popular CBD treats for dogs. Here are a couple of products you can try. 

1. Canna-Pet Canna-Biscuits for Dogs Maple Bacon 

These CBD treats are made with real bacon. They're also infused with terpenes, aromatic oils that can be found in many plants, including cannabis. It's thought that terpenes and cannabinoids combine to create an "entourage effect." 

2. Honest Paws Calming CBD Dog Treats

Honest Paws treats are made with real, recognizable ingredients. You can experiment with different potency levels until you find one that works for your dog. 

3. RxCBD CBD Dog Treats

Your dog will love these strong-smelling, chicken soup-based treats. They're also loaded with CBD. 

4. Hemp Fields Farm CBD-Rich Dog Treats

The treats are made with an ample amount of peanut butter and carrots. The look like little cookies. Each one contains 5mg of CBD. 

5. Pet Releaf Kale and Carrot CBD Hemp Oil Edibites

Unsurprisingly, Edibites are created with kale and carrots. They're reminiscent of thick, green brownies. 

When you introduce your dog to CBD treats, you don't want to start out too strong. You have no idea how the pup will react. 

If you're giving the treats to ease the creature's pain, you can be much more generous. You know your dog best. You should be able to tell if the CBD is having an effect.

Training with CBD

In addition to taking advantage of CBD's health benefits, you can also use CBD to train your dog. There are countless different strategies you can try. 

CBD seems to be particularly helpful for anxious dogs. One of the main reasons humans like CBD is because of its relaxing effect. It's not surprising that the cannabinoid has a similar effect on dogs.

Start Experimenting 

Treat your pup with CBD dog treats. Animal experts claim there are huge benefits. Don't your fur babies deserve the best?

Our site sells high-quality, premium CBD products. Place an order today to start helping your pet. 

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