CBD Cartridges

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CBD Cartridges offer an easy solution for refills when you run out of your favorite e-liquid cartridges. Whether you’re buying a kit that already has a cartridge included or you’d like to carry spare cartridges on hand, make sure you never run out of your favorite CBD liquid. Keep your vape pen full of delicious and wholesome vapable CBD e-liquid, and ensure your clouds never have to be put on hold.

Choose from our sweet grape cartridges, our tart and tangy green apple cartridges, or a fragrant and tropical pineapple cartridge! Fruits and CBD mix very well in these cartridges and offer you a cloud of luscious enjoyment with every puff. Keep calm and vape on, as you treat your vape taste buds to fresh and flavorful fruit CBD e-liquid in every puff! If you’re an avid lover of the cloud-chasing game, check out our selection of refillable CBD cartridges and always make sure you have enough e-liquid to last you through the day!