Chronic Candy

Chronic Candy CBD

Chronic Candy satisfies your sweet tooth cravings with a delicious and humorous treat that is quickly taking over the candy CBD market by storm! If you like practical jokes, see how many shocked faces and dropped jaws you get when you munch on a nugget of chocolate candy, designed to look just like an actual strain of marijuana! Each nugget might look a bit intimidating but it’s 100% purely edible and with no trace amounts of THC.

If you prefer to savor your treats and have them last longer, our delicious lollipops come in several colors and flavors. Each sucker is designed to crush that sweet tooth craving and give you the boost of energy and relaxation you deserve! Savor every bite of our smooth chocolate nuggets and crunch down on our CBD-infused lollipops that let you get the most out of your day, thanks to the incredible lineup from Chronic Candy!

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