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AndHemp Lab Results

AndHemp Tinctures: Natural-500mg, Natural-1000mg, Orange-500mg, Orange-1000mg, Peppermint-500mg, Peppermint-1000mg, Strawberry-500mg, Strawberry-1000mg
AndHemp Edibles: Regular-200mg, Sour-200mg, Blueraspberry 200mg, Strawberry-200mg
AndHemp Pets: Peanut Butter Treats, Tincture 250mg, Tincture 500mg, Hot Spot Spray 250mg
AndHemp Topicals: Pain Oil Spray 250mg, Lip Balm, Lavender Lotion 200mg, Muscle Gel 200mg
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Cannatera Lab Results

Cannatera Skincare: Refresh Cleanser, Renew Moisturizer, Renew Serum
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Chronic Candy Lab Results

Chocolate Bar: CBD Chocolate Bar-100mg
Chocolate Nugz: Banana OG-200mg, Blue Dream-200mg, Gelatio-200mg, Milk and Cookies-200mg, OG-200mg, Strawberry Shortcake-200mg
CBD Lollipops: Blue Dream-10mg, Gelato-10mg, Lemon Haze-10mg, OG-10mg, Strawberry Cough-10mg, Tangie-10mg
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Competitive Advantage Lab Results

Hemp Flower: Superfood-200mg
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Habitat Hemp Lab Results

Habitat Hemp Pets: Dog Treats-75mg
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Knockout CBD Lab Results

Knockout CBD Vape Pens: Apple-250mg, Grape-250mg
Knockout CBD Vape Juice: Mango-250mg, Mango-500mg, Strawberry-250mg, Strawberry-500mg, Watermelon-250mg, Watermelon-500mg
Knockout CBD Edibles: Tropical Punch-100mg
Knockout CBD Capsules: Softgels-300mg, Softgels-900mg
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Koi CBD Lab Results

Koi CBD Vape Juice: Blue-250mg, Blue-500mg, Blue-1000mgGold-250mg, Gold-500mg, Gold-1000mgJade-250mg, Jade-500mg, Jade-1000mgPink-250mg, Pink-500mg, Pink-1000mgRed-250mg, Red-500mg, Red-1000mgWhite-250mg, White-500mg, White-1000mg
Koi CBD Summer Vape Juice: Fuji Apple-250mg, Fuji Apple-500mg, Fuji Apple-1000mg, Raspberry-250mg, Raspberry-500mg, Raspberry-1000mg, Tropical Popsicle-250mg, Tropical Popsicle-500mg, Tropical Popsicle-1000mg
Koi CBD Tinctures: Spearmint-250mg, Spearmint-500mg, Spearmint-1000mgNaturals-250mg, Naturals-500mg, Naturals-1000mgLemon-Lime-250mg, Lemon-Lime-500mg, Lemon-Lime-1000mgOrange-250mg, Orange-500mg, Orange-1000mg
Koi CBD Pets: Spray 500mg, Treats
Koi CBD Lotion: 200mg
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Livwell CBD Lab Results

Livwell Vape Pen: Vape Pen
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Loot CBD Lab Results

Loot CBD Hemp Flower: Elektra, Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Sulver Haze
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Reef CBD Lab Results

Reef CBD RAW Ingredients: Certificate of Analysis
Reef CBD Tinctures: Cardiff-250mg, Cardiff-500mg, Cardiff-1000mg, Cocoa Beach-250mg, Cocoa Beach-500mg, Cocoa Beach-1000mg, Newport Beach-250mg, Newport Beach-500mg, Newport Beach-1000mg, Venice-250mg, Venice-500mg, Venice-1000mg
Reef CBD Vape Juice: Mavericks-250mg, Mavericks-500mg, Mavericks-1000mg, Pipeline-250mg, Pipeline-500mg, Pipeline-1000mg, San Onofre-250mg, San Onofre-500mg, San Onofre-1000mg, The Wedge-250mg, The Wedge-500mg, The Wedge-1000mg, Waimea Bay-250mg, Waimea Bay-500mg, Waimea Bay-1000mg
Reef CBD Edibles: Regular-200mg, Sour-200mg
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Savage CBD Lab Results

Savage CBD RAW Ingredients: Full Spectrum Heavy Metals, PesticidesIsolate Heavy Metals and Pesticides
Savage CBD Tinctures: Pink Grapefruit-1000mg, Pink Grapefruit-1500mg, Pink Grapefruit-2000mgLemon-Lime-1000mg, Lemon-Lime-1500mg, Lemon-Lime-2000mg
Savage CBD Edibles: Gummies-300mg
Savage CBD Topicals: Lavender Lotion 300mg
Savage CBD Pets: Pet Spray 500mg
Savage CBD Capsules: Softgels-750mg
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Square Care CBD Lab Results

Square Card CBD Edibles: Assorted-100mg, Cotton Candy-100mg, Orange Cream-100mg, Raspberry-100mg
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