Knockout CBD Tincture - POG

POG eJuice by Knockout CBD delivers a rich and delicious trio of fruits that are easily remembered in this acr... more

POG eJuice by Knockout CBD delivers a rich and delicious trio of fruits that are easily remembered in this acronym: P for sweet and juicy pineapples, O for firm and sweet oranges, and G for rich and exotic guava! Take your taste buds on a sunny adventure through the clouds and enjoy a tropical CBD adventure!

Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract, MCT Oil and natural and/or artificial flavorings.

POG eJuice by Knockout CBD features a rush of fresh and flavorful fruits that are bound and determined to whisk your vape taste buds away to a tropical island! Three fruits make up this delicious e-liquid, and each one promises to be more delicious than the last. First up, we have tangy pineapples. These sweet and piny fruits were gingerly harvested and relieved of their sharp and prickly skin to reveal the delicious yellow flesh within. This juicy and tangy pineapple gets carved into thick chunks and glistens brightly in the summer sun. Next in this marvelous e-liquid, we have firm and ripe navel oranges, freshly plucked from the groves on the Floridian coastline. These flavorful fruits were carefully peeled of their orange rind and pulled into thick sections, ensuring not a single drop was wasted.

And finally, we have rich and exotic guava, transported all the way from Colombia! This curious fruit might look unripe and hard on the outside, but the soft pink flesh delivers a rush of Spanish flavor that your taste buds will adore! All of these fruits come together to craft a masterful e-liquid, but there’s one more ingredient that makes this vape juice unique...a hearty infusion of CBD has been added! This potent e-liquid delivers the hearty benefits of cannabidiol in every puff, and CBD has been known to relieve stress, calm anxiety, aid in managing depression, soothing aching muscles, and so much more. Take control of your daily stress and other ailments, thanks to this delicious vapable CBD flavor called POG eJuice by Knockout CBD!

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