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POM Ejuice by Knockout CBD delivers a punch of fruity flavor right to your vape taste buds, featuring a triple... more

POM Ejuice by Knockout CBD delivers a punch of fruity flavor right to your vape taste buds, featuring a triple threat of freshly picked fruits your vape taste buds will go wild for! Juicy pineapples, firm oranges, and lush mango will send your vape taste buds over the horizon and into a fruity cloud heaven!

Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract, MCT Oil and natural and/or artificial flavorings.

POM Ejuice by Knockout CBD features a trio of freshly picked fruits, ready and waiting to attack your vape taste buds with warm and sweet fruit flavor. First up, we have ripe pineapples. These deliciously tropical fruits are stripped of their spiny skin and sliced into thick chunks, sending out delicious tendrils of freshly sliced and diced fruit. Next, we have firm and ripe oranges, freshly picked from the beach-side groves in sunny California. These fat citrus spheres are crushed into a thick and pulpy mess, ensuring every drop of precious orange juice is harvested. And finally, we have exotic mango, whisked away from the islands of the Caribbean, their smooth skin still warm from the tropical sun.

These sweet mangoes are carefully stripped of their skin to reveal a deep orange flesh that almost cries out to your taste buds, begging for you to sink your teeth into this refreshing fruit. All of these fruits come together to create a masterpiece of an e-liquid, but there is one more ingredient that makes this vape juice unique: the hearty addition of cannabidiol! This e-liquid packs a powerful punch of CBD in every puff, allowing those who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, muscle aches, and much more to finally get some much needed relief.  If you’re an avid cloud chaser and would like to incorporate CBD products into your daily vaping activities, POM Ejuice by Knockout CBD promises to be just the flavorful e-liquid you’re looking for!

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