Koi CBD Vape - Pink

Pucker up for a little burst of sour bliss with Koi CBD Pink thirst quenching pink lemonade blend. ... more

Pucker up for a little burst of sour bliss with Koi CBD Pink thirst quenching pink lemonade blend. You’ll taste a little bit of summertime when you vape Pink Koi CBD. Delicious and rare pink lemons were gathered and crushed into a sweet and tart lemon juice, mixed with a pitcher of sugar water, and set before you in a tall glass to refresh your vape taste buds with a cool beverage e-liquid!

  • Vape this product just like you would eliquid throughout the day
  • As with all CBD Vape Juice, we suggest starting with a lower wattage and then increase based on what coils you use
  • Can be used in any Vape Device

100% natural cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, food grade vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural & artificial flavorings

Pink Lemonade eJuice by Koi CBD Pink delivers a refreshing summer favorite in e-liquid form, presenting a tall pitcher of freshly squeezed pink lemonade! The secret is thousands of rare pink lemons, firm and sweet and oh so flavorful! These pink lemons were rolled to release the juice from the lemon walls, sliced open to reveal the succulent juice within, and squeezed until not a drop of pink lemon juice remained! This sweet and tangy pink lemon juice was quickly poured into a pitcher of cold and clear water, freshly drawn from the well. An overflowing cup of sugar was tossed into the pitcher, along with a heaping handful of ice cubes. Finally, the pitcher was mixed with a wooden spoon and set upon a picnic table in the heat of the summer sun, gleaming brightly with condensation drops on the pitcher’s glass.

So go ahead, pour yourself a tall glass of pink lemonade refreshment and let your taste buds marvel at the sweet and delicious flavor in every cloud! But this flavor is more than just a refreshing beverage to your parched taste buds… there’s a hearty infusion of CBD in every 30mL bottle, allowing users to get some relief from daily stress, aching joints and muscles, anxiety, depression, and much more! If you’re looking for a way to incorporate CBD into your every day life and are an avid member of the cloud chasing gang, try a bottle of Pink Lemonade by Koi CBD Pink and see how CBD can make an impact in your life today!

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